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I help IT & Telecommunications businesses improve their cash flow, automation, systems, team performance, and profits so you can seamlessly grow. As a business owner, I know the value of having someone to have those high-level business discussions with, and what can happen when you do nothing to solve your business problems. I have worked with clients who are struggling and are either stalled or going backward in their business to turn things around get the business back on track. Specialising in working with IT and Telecommunications businesses, I have helped them develop their business using systems that have their business working, giving them the freedom to have a life. The 8 step turnaround strategy - SuccessIn8™ has been developed through real experience within the IT and Telecommunications industry, studying, testing, and implementing systems that have seen businesses we work with transform and get results. Are you a Business Startup ? You have the idea, you have done the research and found that the market is just waiting for your product or service, now you want to make your concept a reality. That's where I come in. I work with businesses from the start to develop systems that will have your processes streamlined and automated right from the beginning. My specialties include software development, the Internet of Things, automation, and systems, working with you to develop a business plan for implementation.

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